_Maura Wasescha, St. Moritz’s First Lady of Hospitality

  • In Switzerland, she unexpectedly found a happy personal and professional life, every woman would wish for. In this second homeland, she came in just after her high school diploma to temporarily help a relative keeping her job, the young Italian immigrant has built her own successful Swiss Dream. Becoming a renowned and valued female entrepreneur, founder and proud owner of her eponymous flourishing agency for Luxury Real Estate since 1998. A girl boss who shows the way to the next female generations. A brave, humble, and hard worker woman who built her own destiny. A happy woman: wife, mother of 4 and grandmother of 2. 

  • In St. Moritz, her adoptive hometown, everyone knows Frau Maura Wasescha. There, she is the First Lady of hospitality. After 45 years on the market, luxury real estate has no secrets for her anymore. Since 1998, she is not only a top talented real estate agent but also a Swiss by adoption successful female entrepreneur and proud founder and owner of her own eponymous agency. A renowned and respected self-made woman grew up in a poor Italian family, who has reached the top thanks to her hard work, courage, and talent. By herself. From scratch. Maura can indeed be proud of what she has accomplished in all those past decades. As a young Italian immigrant, with humility, she started as the bottom of the scale. “After my high school diploma, I went to Switzerland to keep my cousin 's workplace: she had a very bad car accident. In Switzerland, at this time, when you didn’t show up to your workplace for 2 weeks you lost your job no matter which was the cause of the absence. So, I started to work at the station restaurant as a waitress.” She has always been an unstoppable fighter who takes nothing for granted and has two useful life mantras which helped her a lot during the really hard times: the first one: Non mollare mai which means don’t ever give up in Italian and the second one: I lose today, I win tomorrow. Even if she is now enjoying her deserved success, she always remembered how hard and winding the road was, because she is a woman, Italian and talented. As many women, she had to go through a divorce at 25 years old and had to raise her two children alone as a single mother. This traumatizing experience made her stronger. For her children, she always wanted a better life, than the one she had, that is why to reach her aim, she stayed focused and put all her energy in her work. 

  • Her career in real estate started in 1981 as a housekeeper. Her employer, who was the head of Interhome, a Swiss firm that rented flats and villas, quickly spot her commercial potential, and gave her a chance to prove herself. He was right. Maura didn’t let him down. Only a few years later, she was so good at her job that she was promoted to run the St. Moritz’s office and was in charge of 78 people. Then she became the most successful real estate agent in the history of Interhome Europe and was called to reorganize the whole office of Barcelona. This well-deserved promotion, after years of sacrifices, dedication, and hard work, brought her to the decision to finally stand on her own feet and established her own agency, based in St. Moritz and specialized in luxury real estate, in 1998. She knew she was ready. « I was lucky enough to have superiors who let me work on my own and take on solo projects where I could learn from my mistakes. This is how I discovered the world of real estate, particularly luxury real estate. I studied new languages and applied my marketing knowledge to gradually create my own network.»  In 25 years, the Maura Wasescha’s Agency has become a real institution in town and, also worldwide. Maura did it. She is now a self-taught skilled renowned and esteemed businesswoman, owner of a flourishing business family with a winning philosophy: Reliability, being available 24/7, great understanding of people, treating every person the same way from the cleaning staff to the billionaire, being humble. She is proud to have built a little financial empire that she is happily sharing, since a few years now, with her third son, Michael Angelo (25), which is an active part of the team and board. She truly couldn’t ask for more. «The clients really like that my son is involved in the business, because they see a continuity. Indeed, he now takes care of my clients' children, the next generation. » she explained.

  • As his talented mother, he has inherited her one-of-a-kind ability to make the clients happy, offer them a maximum wellbeing and connect them with each other so that interesting collaborations and friendships can grow. As the agency is resolutely in good hands, Maura is now spending more time around the world overseeing properties. To be able to be always on top, in her free time, she likes practicing yoga to re-center herself and also cooking, which is a form of meditation for her. « After a stressful day I love to have dinner with my family and simply watch a movie together. We all have a lovely relationship with each other. My family really helped me to become the person I am today. It is my harbor. I also like to relax reading a book or to listen to classical music ». Enjoying time outdoors in the extraordinary and preserved nature that surrounded St. Moritz, whether walking or biking, is to her important to refuel her energy. In 2021, as an achievement of her successful long career and to share with her strong community her values and her fights, as the one for Sustainability of which she is a committed supporter, she has launched her annual lifestyle magazine published by French publisher BLUSH. A special gift to herself, her family, her clients, her friends. Maura Wasescha is definitely a leader. A one-of-a-kind female role model. A brilliant woman who has never forget her roots and who shows the way to the next generations. A proof that everything is possible if you work hard and never give up as she did.

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