BLUSH MEGEVE by Guilhem Joaillier #03

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  • A plunge into the heart of a demanding and inspired passion... the refined yet whimsical world of Philippe Guilhem. This benevolent man, the embodiment of boundless creativity, knows how to surround himself with the most brilliant people, offering them more than just his innate sense of aesthetics: his remarkable ability to devote himself to beauty and to others.

    Her boutique in Megève is the perfect marriage of the avant-garde and the timeless, both witnesses to an ancient craft. The place reveals a present that is sometimes ephemeral, offering a glimpse of future creations while honouring those of the past. The combination of the old and the new remains one of its greatest assets.

    It is with great pleasure that I once again team up with Philippe Guilhem for the 3rd edition of Blush Megève by Guilhem. As well as meeting the designer, you’ll also be able to discover the key players behind the reputation of this magnificent resort, a place steeped in tradition and always on the lookout for something new.

    For the love of beauty, always...

    Gregory Ayoun, Publication director BLUSH Editions