How to spa #2

  • Dear readers,

    Some of you have already had the opportunity to discover our concept, our experts and partners and to benefit from "better living" advice when reading our magazine REAL, in its first edition in 2021.

    For this second edition, I wanted to go further in the sharing and transmission of self-care and spirituality with a focus on massage, self-massage but also on these artisans of well-being who are passionate and trained to do you good. In addition, you will find a more developed spiritual part of which it is important to me to transmit the benefits that I myself experience on a daily basis. This quest for meaning, which is affecting more and more people, is now well integrated by the wellness community, as shown by the recent study by the very serious Global Wellness Institute 1. 

    I hope to be able to transmit to you in the most authentic way, with kindness and compassion, all that accompanies me on a daily basis for a work on oneself and a more serene life.
    Fréderic Lenoir, in his superb book "Petit Traité de Vie Intérieure" 2 , invites us to appropriate his wisdom keys for a brighter life. As he says so well, "All you have to do is open your eyes and your heart to discover them".

    I look forward to sharing this with you and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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