Real magazine #1

  • Real magazine #1 by How to spa

    Real magazine #1 by How to spa

  • In the wise words of Eleanor Brown : ‘You cannot serve from an empty vessel.’

    It is by taking care of yourself with love and kindness that you can take better care of others. When you recharge your batteries, you fi nd new energy to create and accomplish. As the spa environment has brought me genuine healing and a daily serenity, I came up with the idea of REAL Magazine by How to Spa, combining relaxation and spiritual awakening. The aim was to bring relaxation tools from the spa environment to readers, along with advice on how to live life better, and a spirituality that transforms you from the inside. Learn how to press pause, breathe for a few seconds, and reconnect with yourself. Be open to self-love and mindfulness, and give new meaning to your life.
    Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy reading this publication!

    Maud Ganry Boutaric
    Fondatrice How To Spa How to Spa Founder

  • Maud Ganry Boutaric and Blush Dream go back a long way, so helping Maud produce her very own glossy magazine felt like a natural progression.
    The founder of How to Spa is a very special person - gracious, kind, genuine and extraordinarily gentle and sweet-natured. This magazine is an extension of her unique relaxation kits. Developed with the aid of wellbeing specialists and featuring a small number of carefully chosen brands, they contain everything you need to help you achieve serenity wherever you are.

    In her first magazine, Maud celebrates all facets of wellbeing and letting go and offers readers a glimpse of her private world - what she is like as a person, her tastes, her values and her convictions. But that’s not all. The magazine also includes interviews with experts and a world tour of techniques for achieving serenity - not to mention tips on how to become a better you through personal development and spirituality. It combines Blush Editions glamorous production values with Maud’s ethical concerns, to superb effect.

    What better way to set you on the path to happiness?
    So sit back and enjoy a wonderful read, courtesy of Maud.

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