Blush Dream #23

  • Blush Dream magazine #23, second cover

    Blush Dream magazine #23, second cover

  • In this edition, Blush explores the extremes, oscillating between opulence and sobriety in haute couture, jewellery and design.

    As futurism vies with a desire to return to the essentials, hybrid designs are blurring the genres. Our journalists and trendspotters capture the zeitgeist with their inspirational selection of all things new from the worlds of design and the arts.

    The exhibition “Thierry Mugler : Couturissime”, a retrospective of Mugler’s fashion work that celebrates his inimitable style and shows that his embodiments of an ultra-feminine, all-conquering femme fatale are as relevant as ever. At the other extreme, godfather of cinema Francis Ford Coppola talks about his utopian vision of society. Minimalism is bigger than ever, as Jean Nouvel sets about transforming France’s metropolises, while Le Corbusier’s pioneering modern architecture continues to fascinate.

    We set sail on a voyage that takes in the glittering wastes of the Antarctic and the dazzling baroque charms of Venice. Juxtaposing minimalism with maximalism jolts us out of our usual thinking patterns and sets the stage for change and renewal.

    Laure Delvigo