Blush Dream #28

  • Summer is finally here! In these sometimes difficult times, the arrival of the first rays of sunshine gives us a crazy desire to let go and indulge in idleness.

    For its summer issue, Blush Dream takes you to the four corners of the globe, for an escapade rich with new discoveries and inspiring encounters. Explore the Parisian workshops of the greatest couturiers, dive into the huge pools of the most fashionable spas before packing your bags for an unforgettable stay in Tanzania. On the other side of the ocean,  while Sébastien Loeb shares his intimate confessions on the edge of the circuits. From Valérie Messika's success story to the new Batman, Robert Pattison, as well as the secrets of great chefs to spice up our summer dishes... Both fresh and daring, this new issue promises you many surprises.